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GreekStampStore.com is owned and operated by Sarantopoulos Philatelics of Chicago, Illinois. We are here to help you with your collection whether you are looking for a common Greek stamp, or a rare and unique item of Greece Postal History. We specialize in Greece and Territories philately. Our stock consists of Greek stamps, postal history covers, Greek First Day Covers, errors, souvenir sheets, booklets, postcards, pre- and post-philatelic, as well as used, new and rare Greek stamp issues.

We are active buyers of Greece and Area stamps and postal history, so our stock is always growing. Many of the items we do not have time to put into the website, so please send us your want lists. We also offer a new issue service for Greece stamps.

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Some New Additions

(Selected randomly from new stock added.)

Stock #: M11576
in 2016-2021 issues
2018 190 years since the establishment of the Helenic Army Academy BOOKLET
Stock #: M11590
in 2016-2021 issues
2021 Europa pair, Wildlife, Dolpin, Elk
Stock #: M11586
in 2016-2021 issues
2021 Handcrafted Jewlery In the Mediteranean, EUROMED, S/S
Stock #: M11577
in 2016-2021 issues
2021 Traveling in Greece, Crete
Stock #: M11584
in 2016-2021 issues
2018 70 years of the Embodyment of the Dodecanesa Islands, Aegean Islands BOOKLET
Stock #: MFDC901
in 2016-2021 issues
and 1980-2021
2020 100 Years since the Death of Ion Dragoumis